Best Sales Tracking Application

In today's world, business is a passion and a source of income. But to run the business successfully, one must think on multiple aspects affecting it. And one aspect is tracking leads and converting them into sales. A business looking for conversion of sales into leads must starting using today's best sales tracking software - DeltatSalesApp “Sales Employee Tracking App”

It is a GPS based field force tracking software which helps to track sales representative during working hours. This Sales CRM software tracks approx every activities related to salesman through dashboard appeared on the screen of Sales Manager. For Salesman, DeltaSalesApp provides sales app installed on their mobile phone which facilitates them to input their field data in a easiest way, enhancing efficiency and fast communication. Sales Manager with DeltaSalesApp web dashboard from where they can track salesmen GPS real time location and manage their sales employee activities.

Using DeltaSalesApp, Sales Manager can:

All these features makes DeltaSalesApp one of the best app for sales manager, which increases sales of company and manages salesman simpler than ever.

Using DeltaSalesApp, Salesman can:

DeltaSalesApp notify about every action of your salesman in real-time over the internet. And if there is no internet, DeltaSalesApp would intelligently save all the information and sync whenever internet coverage returns.

So, start using DeltaSalesApp to increase efficiency of your salesman, improve communication, save time, reduce costs, and make your company grow.

Are you having a hard time managing your salesman, monitoring their work progress?

Not Anymore!