Manage Order in Nepal

Managing Order has always been one of the important factors to achieve success in business so every organization is required to have an order management system. It is a system that facilitates and manages the execution of orders through app taken from salesman or sales manager. It should be implemented to enhance communication between salesman, sales manager, and parties/clients.

Order management is all about keeping track of orders and managing the people, processes, and partnerships required to fill them. It involves keeping track of the order itself and managing data around the customer.

The process include:

  • The salesman /Sales Manager input the order received from parties/client.
  • The Sales Manager discuss the order with the parties/client and enter the order into the system to be filled.
  • The warehouse that carries the inventory to fill the order.
  • Salesman are informed about the delivery and amount to collect from the same parties/client.
  • After receiving the details, salesman leave a message of the amount received through app along with a picture of the cheque.

This makes the order management process simple and efficient.

A Sales performance measuring system is mostly used for better sales mechanism which includes managing and measuring sales performance for better result and to grow sales. Thus, field sales tracking app helps to track the fields executives very easily.

DeltaSalesApp provides one centralized place to manage orders from all sales channels. Centralizing this in one system is critical to delivering a superior customer experience by providing order status, on-time deliveries and meeting customer expectations for buy, fulfill and return anywhere.

This maintain happy customer relationships, and by eliminating lost and incorrect orders, helps to drive more revenue and profitability from the ordering process.

Are you having a hard time managing your salesman, monitoring their work progress?

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