Sales Tracking App in Nepal

Digital Technology has built business to the global market in the world and many companies in Nepal are also trying to globalize their business for productive result. Looking after the productivity of business, most of the companies are using employee tracking software, to track field employee and measure sales performance.

Here, Delta Tech Nepal introduces you, Android based salesman tracking app - DeltaSalesApp. Delta Sales App is the best way to track field sales employee and manage sales for industries like FMCG, field service, Pharmaceuticals, tractors, footwear & garment manufacturers. It is the best way to track field employee and know their exact location during the working hours.

It is extremely difficult to decide whether the employees are fully dedicated towards the task handover to them or misleading the productive time of the company. Most of the business in Nepal, offers an employee to work in sales and field which includes employee real time tracking software indeed. Our employee tracking app is directly connected to web board in order to monitor, maintain, manage and get employee tracking records.

In context to our country, Nepal is growing in industrial sector with lots of employee in sales department as it is considered, the backbone of any developing industry, factory or organizations. DeltaSalesApp have been developed to manage all those employee single handedly with lots of features to track GPS location of employee. Our employee GPS tracking app includes features for both sales manager as well as sales employee, which are listed below:

Sales Manager Features:

Sales Employee Features:

Being able to configure these features along with GPS tracking system in DeltaSalesApp makes it more Powerful and Useful. With due tracks, we can build the employees productivity, grow sales, decrease expenses, emerge Company in no time. That's’ why field force tracking app is install in Smart phones of the employees and other executives.

When introducing GPS employee tracking in sales app, employee remains more attentive towards their respective responsibility, since there is less paper work and log entries and delivery documentation. It will definitely lower the cost of hiring no. of employees, increases calculation & accuracy all the time, which proportionally benefits the employee who is using DeltaSalesApp . It generates more revenue for the business, due to which the employees gets profit with bonus or any extra allowances. If employees are aware that reducing costs and improving productivity could earn them more money, they will be encouraged to use the employee GPS tracking app more efficiently and effectively.

There is a famous proverb saying “Time is Money” and few business owners feels that phrase more intensely, this explains an importance of employee location tracking appin today's era. Despite of visual control, some of the employee try to mislead so, employee location tracking systemis most important in order to continue a healthy outcomes from the employee.

In conclusion, sales tracking app is something that every small, medium and large business and company would need; to grow and expand their businesses. Keeping this thing in mind Delta Tech Nepal has developed the best way to track field employee named “DeltaSalesApp” in the market which not only make work paperless, easy but also gives the best outcome in short period.

Are you having a hard time managing your salesman, monitoring their work progress?

Not Anymore!