Beat Planner Benefits

Pre Journey Plan

A route plan can be made for each sales employee, and visits can be planned for specific outlets at predefined dates.

Segment Outlets

Easily segment retail stores based on territory, business type, size or product needs.

Track Visit Effectiveness

Managers can keep an instant track on the number of visits done and if they were effective visits or not.

Monitoring Visit Time

Managers can keep track of time spent by reps during each visit, which can then be used for decision making.

Our field assist mobile app saves lots of administration time and helps in improving your sales team’s performance.

Delta Sales Solutions Beat Plan

Keep track of party visit frequency.

Create journey plans and check reports of party visits.

Keep track of effective party visits and details of orders placed.

Identify non-effective visits and reasons why orders were not placed.

Make Announcements to Field Sales Team

Shout out any announcement to your employees

Analytics and Reports

Analyze your company’s overall performance via automated reporting and analytics

Beat Planning Software for Sales Teams

Smart Pre-Journey Planner (PJP) to increase sales force efficiency.

Field Employee Location Tracking App

Track your field employees’ location and manage them with ease.

Payment Collection Management

Keep track of your invoices and payments collected from customers

Design your sales territory management plan with Delta Sales App now!

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