Distribution Management Benefits

Manage Orders

Sales employees can easily add orders received from various outlets on their apps. Order details can be instantly accessed by sales managers, ensuring faster dispatch.

Manage parties

Manage all your retailers and wholesalers information in one place. This includes their contact details, location, orders, collections and visit information. You can also add images and files related to each customer, and make it available directly to your reps on the field.

Manage Products

Organize your products better and make it easily accessible to your field employees.

Use the #1 Field Sales App and manage your sales orders and distribution in an organized way.

Delta Sales Solutions And Distribution Management

Manage your products, including discounts and schemes.

Provide visibility of products and stock to your field sales employees.

Track the orders made by customers effortlessly.

Beat Planning Software for Sales Teams

Smart Pre-Journey Planner (PJP) to increase sales force efficiency.

Analytics and Reports

Analyze your company’s overall performance via automated reporting and analytics

Distributor Management System

Manage your primary and secondary sales smoothly.

Field Sales Order Management

Are your sales reps still taking orders manually or via Spreadsheets? Save 30% time of sales managers by automating field sales orders.

Expense Reporting System

Easily track your employees’ claims & expenses

Field Employee Location Tracking App

Track your field employees’ location and manage them with ease.

Start managing your orders and deliveries better with Delta Sales App.

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