Stock Taking Benefits

Avoid Over-Stocking

Analyze stock levels, understand sales trends, and avoid product over-stocking and expiry at various outlets.

Increase profitability

Stocktaking will assist you to extend the earnings of your business by decreasing loss and wastage. In fact, our app can increase the profits via having a realistic view of what items you have available at the moment, what is selling well, and what items are slow-moving.

Improve Pricing Strategy

When your field teams keep you updated with stock levels at outlets, you can easily analyze sales trends - both product-wise and area-wise, which can help in making necessary adjustments to the pricing structure of products.

Have a clear visibility of your stock and remain ahead in your business with the stocktaking features of Delta Sales App.

Delta Sales Stock Taking Management

Your sales reps would be easily able to check and report stock levels when they visit outlets.

They can easily mark the available quantities of each item.

Managers can get insight about available stock in the market at various outlets.

Sales reps can upload pictures of products on the shelf.

Beat Planning Software for Sales Teams

Smart Pre-Journey Planner (PJP) to increase sales force efficiency.

Analytics and Reports

Analyze your company’s overall performance via automated reporting and analytics

Mark Stock at Various Outlets

Stock taking or stock counting is when you manually check and report all the inventory that your business currently has on hand.

Distributor Management System

Manage your primary and secondary sales smoothly.

Field Sales Order Management

Are your sales reps still taking orders manually or via Spreadsheets? Save 30% time of sales managers by automating field sales orders.

Expense Reporting System

Easily track your employees’ claims & expenses

Prevent unnecessary wastage and losses and get improved Stock Management with our Delta Sales App.

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