Activities and Reminders Benefits

Assign Activities

Tasks and activities can be easily assigned to other team members. Details like activity title, description, date, time and priority can be set and progress can be monitored.

Never Miss a Deadline

Check your daily schedule easily on the app and never miss any deadline.

Monitor Task Progress

Update the status of tasks easily on the app and notify managers instantly.

Save Administrative Time

Save time spent in repetitive tasks like following up with team members about the status of assigned work.

Never miss any important task or deadline with the #1 Sales Reps Software.

Delta Sales Solutions Assign Activities

Easy creation of tasks/activities for yourself and for your team mates.

Instant status updates and notifications on completion of tasks.

Reminders for important and prioritized tasks.

Easy tracking of work progress at your fingertips.

Employee Attendance and Leave Management

Track time, attendance and leaves of your field employees

Field Sales Order Management

Are your sales reps still taking orders manually or via Spreadsheets? Save 30% time of sales managers by automating field sales orders.

Task Management System for Outside Sales Reps

Easily collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and setting priorities.

Field Employee Location Tracking App

Track your field employees’ location and manage them with ease.

Payment Collection Management

Keep track of your invoices and payments collected from customers

Embrace the benefits of Delta Sales App and get your tasks done on time!

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