Sales Automation and Field Force Tracking For QSTEK FARMING | Faraji Msangi

Please explain a little bit about your business? Which sector?

We are in the food sector dealing with the production and sales of edible oil. We do wholesale and retailing of sunflower oil with different packaging.

How did you come across Delta Sales App? How many users currently use Delta Sales App?

We came to know about the Delta Sales App through an internet search for a sales tool.

What problem did you aim to solve using Delta Sales App? Has Delta Sales App helped you resolve the problems you were looking for?

We were seeking a tool to ease the burden of the manual sales process by being able to capture all sales transactions in real-time at the field, create sales records/database, generation of various sales reports, keep track of sales & collections, and manage sales team through such a tool. We are now doing all this using the Delta Sales App. It is a tool that we were looking for

What features do you like most about Delta Sales App? And Why?

Reports generation turns out to be the most useful feature as it helps get numerous reports as well as data & measurement of performance.

How is the support offered by Delta Sales App team?

The support offered by the team is exemplary. It has been always prompt and resolution oriented. For that, we have no complaints at all.

Any recommendations for features

Since we started using the tool, we have been communicating on the improvement of some features that we have found would be useful if available.

For example:

(a) Addition of a feature to allow the generation of outstanding payment reports on the basis of each salesman. This would be much helpful in the management of debt collections if the generated outstanding payment report would include a salesman who is responsible for the order for each outstanding payment.

(b) Addition of mass approval feature for the expenses. This will save time and ease the approving task.

(c) If possible, also add of feature to enable mass dispatch of orders

We believe, as we keep using the tool we will continuously find requirements of additional features that will be useful in the improvement of the tool. We will continue communicating with the support team in that regard.


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