Telecommunication Industry

Delta Sales App in the telecommunications industry is the optimization of the sales process. Our field sales app allows managers to monitor field reps, and get detailed insights of their daily activities. It provides a structured sales process that can help sales representatives to be more efficient and effective in their sales efforts.

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Field Sales Reps Tracking And Management

Monitor your Field Sales Force

Field Sales Reps Tracking And Management
  • Track their location, know routes and distance travelled.
  • Assign tasks and know when they’re done.
  • Manage their attendance and leave.
  • Measure their performance.
Delta Sales MAnage Field Sales Person

Manage the Activities of your Field Sales Person

Delta Sales MAnage Field Sales Person
  • Monitor the daily activities performed by your reps.
  • Assign tasks to your outside sales reps.
  • See the actual work accomplished by them.
  • Maintain your field employee’s log of visits, calls, emails and meetings with customers.
Delta Sales Report And Analytics

Get Better Sales Insight with Reports & Analytics

Delta Sales Report And Analytics
  • Analyze the products sales and areas covered by your field sales employees.
  • Know which field salesman sold how many products at what cost.
  • Have a clear idea of product sales trends.
  • Detailed reporting can help you predict your sales and set new targets.

Some Other Useful Features

Delta Sales Checklist Pharma

Manage Orders

Enhance order taking process of outside sales reps with our field sales mobile app.

Top Field Sales Application

Payment Collections

With our mobile sales app, your field sales employees can manage the payments made by parties easily.

Delta Sales App for FMCG Pharma

Manage Clients

Seamlessly manage your field employees’ travel and other expenses.

Delta Sales Pharma Stock

Stock Taking

Yours reps can easily check and mark stock levels at various outlets.

Delta Sales App?

If you are into the FMCG business and want to grow your business with great automation, this app will be the best choice for you. Not only does it automate your sales, but also takes over the burden of generating all those complex excel reports.

User Friendly

User Friendly



On and off Synchronization

On and off Synchronization

Customer success and support

Good Customer Support




Integration With Other Softwares

Reliable and accurate

Reliable and accurate


Good Security

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What Our Customer Say

David Mason

David Mason

Delicioso Food, Canada

“We were looking for an App that could help us have control on our sales team and could have the tools to support sales in the field. I was very impressed with the solution set that was offered but even more impressed with the level of support I received. I am excited with the possibilities of what we can do with Delta Sales App.”

Karan Pratap

Mr. Sony Mayuvi

SABA, Indonesia

“Delta Sales App is a platform that helps us record every data in one place - the store name, their location marked on the map, our products, daily transactions, etc. Secondly, it is an easy-to-use field salesman app that helps us in order taking, creating new parties or customers. The feature I like the most right now is the end-of-day report. It automates our field sales reps' reporting. Just by clicking one button, reports are sent to our group.”

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“Delta Sales App has been a game changer for my sales team with it's intuitive interface and powerful features”

Mr Tej Gautam