Field Sales Order Management

Are your sales reps still taking orders manually or via spreadsheets? Save 30% time of sales managers by automating field sales orders. With the Delta Sales App, businesses can streamline their field sales order management process, saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Delta Sales App includes features to fulfill all your field sales order management problems.

Delta Sales Order Reporting

Field Sales Reps can take orders on the go. No need to note it down using a paper and pen.

Field Sales Reps can check the credit limit and balance of parties while placing orders.

Order details can be easily shared via WhatsApp or Email.

Sales Managers do not need to talk to each field rep to note their orders. They can simply check, sort and filter orders based on dates, parties, employees and order status.

Order status can be checked and updated seamlessly.

The app allows both Primary and Secondary orders.

Automated reporting allows sales managers to focus on more important tasks, rather than manual report consolidation.

Beat Planning Software for Sales Teams

Smart Pre-Journey Planner (PJP) to increase sales force efficiency.

Analytics and Reports

Analyze your company’s overall performance via automated reporting and analytics

Field Sales Order Management

Are your sales reps still taking orders manually or via Spreadsheets? Save 30% time of sales managers by automating field sales orders.

Expense Reporting System

Easily track your employees’ claims & expenses

Field Employee Location Tracking App

Track your field employees’ location and manage them with ease.

Payment Collection Management

Keep track of your invoices and payments collected from customers

Field Order Management Benefits

Easy Order Tracking & Management

Mark all the orders details instantly on the app, track them and have a clear view of all orders in one place.

Minimize Manual Errors

Get rid of manual mistakes in order reporting and process orders faster.

Save 30% Time Of Your Sales Team

Save time for your sales team by reducing the time they spend on managerial and organizational tasks. Free them to focus on client support and acquisition.

Increase Recurrent Sales

A fast, reliable and easy ordering system boosts sales team performance and improves revenue.

Delta Sales App?

If you are into the FMCG business and want to grow your business with great automation, this app will be the best choice for you. Not only does it automate your sales, but also takes over the burden of generating all those complex excel reports.

User Friendly


On and off Synchronization

Good Customer Support


Integration with other softwares

Reliable and accurate

Good Security

Our Clients

What Our Customer Say

David Mason

Delicioso Food, Canada

“We were looking for an App that could help us have control on our sales team and could have the tools to support sales in the field. I was very impressed with the solution set that was offered but even more impressed with the level of support I received. I am excited with the possibilities of what we can do with Delta Sales App.”

Mr. Sony Mayuvi

SABA, Indonesia

“Delta Sales App is a platform that helps us record every data in one place - the store name, their location marked on the map, our products, daily transactions, etc. Secondly, it is an easy-to-use field salesman app that helps us in order taking, creating new parties or customers. The feature I like the most right now is the end-of-day report. It automates our field sales reps' reporting. Just by clicking one button, reports are sent to our group.”

Start your field sales order management with Delta Sales App.

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