Delta Tech Nepal is fully dedicated to protecting and securing users’ data. The users’ data is shared within only the organizational circle which the user belongs to. We do not collect any sensitive information of the user nor share any collected data to any third party entity. We understand that business data is the core of any organization and we make sure all the data remains strictly confidential and secure.

Delta Tech Nepal does neither entertain selling data to advertisers nor engage in any solicitation. We maintain transparency with our clients about any handling of users’ or organizational information. We only collect information that is limited to those details necessary for the purposes identified by us.

We don’t own your data, you do.

Field Sales App

We will never sell your data

We don’t encourage advertisements.

Business Model & Privacy

Get what you pay for

By the statement, “get what you pay for”, we mean that you will get a clean SaaS based application without flooding you with advertisements. Our affordable prices have been very effective for us to reach a global base of customers. We maintain a solid after sales customer support. We have never shown advertisements on our app and will never entertain such malpractices that exploit privacy.


We understand that trust is fundamental to the genuine success of any kind, either personal or institutional. Trust builds solid friendship and lasting legacy. Many companies have been forfeited and lose trust of their valuable customers by being engaged in malpractices for mere money. Making back-door deals with other entities that compromises privacy and users’ is against our policies and we will never stoop so low to.

Data Protection & Encryption

The customer data transmitted to our servers over public networks using strong encryption tools available as per market standards. We mandate all connections to our servers use Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2/1.3) encryption with strong cyphers. This is for all connections including web access, API access, our mobile apps, and IMAP/POP/SMTP email client access. The access to Delta Sales App is restricted to SSL/TLS RSA standards.

Safety First

The customer data transmissions to our servers are secured by solid encryption tools with industry standards. Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2/1.3) is the current protocol that we use to encrypt the connections. This protocol applies to web access, API access and IMAP/POP/SMTP email client access. Also we maintain the regular backup of the databases and strong security is enforced in order to protect our cloud infrastructures from intrusion and attacks.

Infrastructure & Privacy

Owning the full stack

Delta Sales App is the inhouse product of Delta Tech Nepal. Delta Tech owns and maintains the core aspect of Delta Sales App. This enables us to shape our product as per our customers’ demands and help us to deliver better customer experience in the competitive market without compromising on quality. The one major advantage of owning the core stack is the convergence of operational business data at one place, preventing third party access, for example, advertising agencies or unauthorized entities.
There are some instances where some apps are given access to user data through secured channels or APIs, only for specific purposes like integration with ERP or accounting softwares. Apart from these instances, there’s no sharing of any data.

Independent of Third-Parties

Delta Tech Nepal clearly declares that it is not affiliated with any other entity that involves information sharing of App Data. As we have also mentioned that we don’t sell data to any advertisement companies, clients do not have to worry for any leakage of any sensitive business information. We track the usage of the app features and individually discuss with clients for the improvements of our products, rather than accessing their data for making any analysis. We respect clients’ decisions on their way of operation of information.

Staying Private & Privacy

No investor pressure

Delta Tech Nepal is an independent private owned company and does not rely on any investor for funding. We are not held by any group of investors or any funding parties, so it enables us to choose our own destiny. So we are not limited to any constraints. We make our decisions, but keep our clients in consideration. We are focused on executing tasks that benefit our clients and employees in the long run.

Values over profit

We are determined to do what is morally right for our clients and employees We follow the laws and rules enacted by the government. Having no stakeholders in the company, we are not subjected to any external pressure and we promise to keep on this track for progress of our company and benefit of the customers/clients. We believe human values are more important than profits in the long run and we are sticking to it.

Trust & Commitment

5 Years to prove it

We as a company have come a long way in five years. It has never been easy but we are working hard to build a legacy that is based on mutual trust and friendship. It has not always been about making customers but also sustaining the relationship. We want our customers to succeed as much as we do. There’s a long way ahead of us as well as our customers, and we want this journey to be successful for both of us.

Commitment to Privacy

We are very clear on the Privacy and protection of intellectual properties of our customers. We are committed to take a path that is legally and morally acceptable in the business world. We are aware of the consequences of breaking the law and legal jargons. Our customers pay for the subscription and there’s no question to break their trust. We hope this relationship develops deeper and meaningful over time.