Delta Sales App is a field sales force automation software for managing sales teams and their activities in a way that helps companies grow revenue. It is designed to resolve the day-to-day field sales reporting problems faced by field reps, sales managers and management teams. With this SaaS based software, you will be able to manage your distributors, wholesalers, retailers and field sales employees with ease.

Using Delta Sales App is very simple. Firstly, all your salesmen have to install the Delta Sales App on their handsets from Google PlayStore. Each sales rep will have a different login credential. Sales Managers can monitor the activities of field employees, assign tasks, make announcements and generate various kinds of reports, by accessing the web panel.


  • Mobile Sales App
  • Attendance
  • Order Reporting
  • Expense Reporting

With Delta Sales App installed on handsets of field sales employees, they can mark attendance and apply for leave directly on the app. They can take orders, collect payments as directed by their area sales managers. Sales employees can add their expenses during field visits and get approvals easily. They can also access all the parties information directly on the app.

Salesman Order App
Field Sales App


  • Place Orders
  • Schemes
  • Shelf Photos

Retailers can directly place their orders to the distributors via the retailer app, and also check different schemes/discounts offered. Delta Sales App can also help in getting market surveys done, and in checking the shelf conditions of the retailers through the images captured on the app.

Field Sales Application


  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Deliveries
  • Payments

Distributors can easily take care of orders placed by retailers and make sure they are delivered on time. Moreover, they can manage products and orders in the most efficient way using this field sales app.

Field Sales Tracking Software
Field Sales App

Sales Managers

  • Field Employee Management
  • Customer Managements
  • Assigning Tasks & Targets
  • Analyzing Reports

Area Sales Managers can set the monthly/weekly/daily sales target of the reps and overlook field sales employee activities. Whenever changes occur, sales managers can easily make an announcement on the app and let their employees know. The managers can also keep track of their field sales employees’ geo-location, routes and distance travelled, and other daily activities like orders taken, payments collected, and new parties added. They can also generate advanced reports for gaining better insights and resolving problems quickly.

Field Sales Application


  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Management teams can get an overview of all the sales activities and make rules and strategies to move ahead in their business. They can analyze performance easily by looking at customizable yet user-friendly dashboards, and make better future decisions, by defining KPIs and KRAs for all the team members.

Employee Monitoring Software
GPS-based Employee Location Tracking
Delta Sales Order Reporting
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