Version : 2.4

Released On: 2023-05-29

Web Application:

  1. Order listing page - Added location column
  2. Party listing page - Added superior column
  3. Leave listing page - Filters added
  4. Expense listing page - Filters added
  5. Product images can now be uploaded in bulk.
  6. Deleting order status that are no longer in use is now allowed
  7. Employee listing page - more fields/columns added
  8. “Designation” word is now changed to “Hierarchy” as it defines the hierarchy of users
  9. Edit user designations/hierarchy would now be allowed.
  10. Swap parties - Swap parties access between 2 sales executives
  11. Expenses - Bulk approval feature is introduced.
  12. Detecting fake location using VPN and removing those points
  13. Party Access: option to give junior “All superior's parties access”
  14. Bug Fixes:
    1. Order duplicate numbers
    2. Order dispatch status coming from mobile app
    3. Customer app created orders on dashboard
    4. Minor bug fixes
    5. Minor improvements

Version : 2.3

Released On: 2023-01-11

Web Application:

  1. Order History records: Added log of add/edit/change status of order in the order view page.
  2. Inactive Employees are also now included in the Salesmen GPS path report.
  3. Removed multi-level party hierarchy check from Mass Update Party Type.
  4. Re-Import Parties functionality - Users can now re-import parties by changing fields.
  5. Removed image from Outstanding Report.
  6. Geofence would now work even if the parties are imported.
  7. Product Image validation issue fixed.
  8. Factory setup - minor issues fixed.
  9. Stock Report timeout issue fixed.

Mobile App:

  1. Geofence check is also now done at the time of selecting a party in Order/ Zero Order/ Beatplan.
  2. Beat Covered during party visits has been added in the EOD report.
  3. Party Filter is now dynamic with respect to Party Fields.
  4. Minor bug fixes in visit, PDF sharing and check-in in low android version.

Version : 2.2

Released On: 2022-11-23

Web Application:

  1. Party Ledger/Statement
  2. Left menu is now made scrollable
  3. Option to Delete All Data including or excluding setup data
  4. Add Employee – when phone or email already exists, alert is added on the page itself
  5. Party page - Date filter - “All time” is added
  6. Collection Note PDF
  7. Custom module - Columns to be displayed on table can now be selected
  8. Order Status:
    1. It would no longer be necessary to have the first status as “Pending”, this can be changed
  9. Order Settings:
    1. Changes done here and some more settings have been added
  10. Optimizations:
    1. Visit Detail page
    2. Dashboard
    3. Party Visit Report download
    4. Employee Summary page
  11. Re-design of add shortcut
  12. Bug Fixes:
    1. Stock report unit
  13. Changes which are already live:
    1. Bulk party type change
    2. Bulk business type change
    3. Added all days of the week in holiday selection
    4. Added custom fields to Party Import feature

Mobile App:

  1. Showing outstanding balances of all parties in one page
  2. New page added to access past announcements
  3. Collection PDF share
  4. Order filter improvements
  5. Increased limit of characters while marking visit comments
  6. Left menu : Added Schemes, Zero Orders
  7. Design improvement in left menu
  8. EOD Report:
    1. PDF layout improvements
    2. Data like checkin and checkout added
  9. Bug fixes:
    1. Party filter bug fix
    2. Other minor fixes
  10. Ensuring network provided time zone throughout the app
  11. Visit can now be marked only if 30 seconds has passed or a GPS point is received, to increase chances of receiving an accurate GPS point
  12. Initial order loading, is now done in reverse order
  13. While Adding and Editing party, shortcut to save is added on top right
  14. Odometer - automatic time picking at the time image is clicked

Integrations and APIs:

  1. APIs and Webhooks for third party integrations:
    1. Documentation would be available here
  2. QuickBooks Integration
  3. Zohobooks integration

Distributor Panel:

  1. Distributors can now create orders
  2. Multiple level implemented for returns
  3. Checking credit limit when distributors place order

Internal Changes:

  1. All images/files have been moved to a new storage location

Version : 2.1.9

Released On: 2022-11-11


  1. Bug fixed: Employee status change (due to restriction based on number of users) from edit and view page

Version : 2.1.8

Released On: 2022-11-03


  1. Party Type- Mass Update.

Version : 2.1.7

Released On: 2022-10-17


  1. Business Type- Mass Update.

Version : 2.1.6

Released On: 2022-09-18


  1. Fixed alert message issue.

Version : 2.1.5

Released On: 2022-08-29


  1. Odometer language issue in PDF fixed.

Version : 2.1.4

Released On: 2022-08-21


  1. Optimized Reports performance time.
  2. Client Visit PDF Multiple Language issue fixed.

Version : 2.1.3

Released On: 2022-08-11


  1. Added all days of the week in holiday selection.

Version : 2.1.2

Released On: 2022-07-29


  1. Updated last action date and time capture from below modules
    1. Day Remarks
    2. party Visit
    3. Odometer
    4. Return
    5. Custom Module
    6. Approval
    7. Collateral

Version : 2.1.1

Released On: 2022-07-20


  1. Added custom fields to Party Import feature

Version : 2.1

Released On: 2022-06-22

New Features:

  1. Customizable invoices - Now you will be able to select/unselect the fields you wish to display on the invoice with an improved PDF format
  2. New features in Order
    1. Specify allowed discount range for each product
    2. Specify min order value
    3. Specify min order quantity
    4. Option to disallow salesman to change prices
    5. Option to disable discount completely
    6. Option to add delivery fee in orders
    7. Variant Attribute: You can now have a text field to type the details
    8. Orders are now separated as primary and secondary for users with multiple party levels
  3. App -
    1. “Smart search” parties, which ignores typos. Example: “Agarwal Fancy Store” is the party’s name, User will now be able to search even if he types “Agrawal Fency ”.
    2. App is now available in the following languages too:
      1. Spanish
      2. French
      3. Hindi
    3. Improving user experience while logging in.
    4. Schemes are now listed on the app separately.
    5. Party search with party code and phone number
  4. Optimized the following pages for better performance:
    1. Party View
    2. Employee View
    3. Order Edit
  5. Attendance report
    1. Editing attendance report
    2. Filters in Attendance report
  6. New Reports:
    1. Work Duration Report
    2. travel distance report
  7. Inventory
    1. Transfer inventory from one warehouse to another
    2. Import inventory
  8. Beat plan
    1. Bulk deletion of beatplans
  9. Visit report
    1. Addition of daily checkin and checkout time in visit report
  10. Collection
    1. Customizable collection types. You would now be able to add collection types based on your preferences
  11. Returns and Credits
    1. Returns is now available on web
    2. Credits can be applied against the returns
    3. Credits can then be applied to next order
    4. Returned items can be added back to inventory or discarded
    5. Distributors returns can be approved
  12. Modifications in basic customer accounting based on credits; minor changes in aging payment and outstanding reports
  13. Improvements:
    1. Added mobile number and beat name in Order listing page
    2. Order breakdown report – added party related fields
    3. Expense listing page - Added Description
  14. Bug fixes

Distributor panel

  1. Orders are now separated as primary and secondary
  2. Distributor can now add returns