Sales Manager Dashboard

Employee real time tracking

Know where your sales employees are during office hours

Maintain attendance

Check and manage your employee attendance

Manage expense

Approve and manage expense for your salesman

Travel distance calculator

Automatic calculation of distance covered by your salesman

Assign tasks

Update your salesman about the task they need to carry out

Monthly sales target

Assign sales target to your salesman

Leave management

Approve/reject sales employee leave application


Create announcements and update all your sales people at once

Manage Products

Create and update your product list including pricing details

Manage Clients

Maintain all your client records along with their contact details and location

Client location mapping

Map client's location with GPS coordinates

Manage Orders

Get notified instantly for orders received by salesman

Manage Payments/Collection

Get notified when your salesman has collected payment

Meeting Records

Maintain detailed record of meeting clients

Sales Employee Reports

Maintain reports of every salesman including their working hours, distance travelled, GPS location, orders and collection

Measure salesman performance

Get the overall details of your salesman activities, measure performance by comparing it with assigned target

Enquiry Management

Manage and convert leads generated by your employees into sales

Salesman App

Using our Sales app, your sales rep would be able to

Mark Attendance

Maintain daily attendance on the app

Manage Orders

Input client orders instantly

Add Collections

Maintain the details of payments received from clients

Add Daily remarks

Report important information to the manager/admin

Manage Clients

Manage the details of clients/parties

Add Expenses

Record daily expenses and get approvals

Leave Application

Apply for leaves and get notified about its acceptance

Manage tasks

Manage tasks based on deadlines

Works offline

The app works offline, and data is automatically synced once internet coverage returns