Sales Automation and Field Force Tracking For SkinLite |Tej Gautam

What problems did you aim to solve using Delta Sales App?

The sales and marketing team of SkinLite Pvt Ltd operates throughout Nepal, making it challenging for the central office to keep track of each salesperson's location and sales performance. As our team grew, it became necessary to automate the sales process and establish better communication between the central office and the sales team. To meet these needs, the company implemented the Delta Sales App, which allows for real-time tracking of sales performance and two-way communication between the central office and the sales team. The Delta Sales App is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for new staff members who are able to use the app's features with ease. 

What features do you like most about Delta Sales App?

We can say that the features of the Delta Sales App are well-balanced and useful for our company. We are not able to identify any feature as particularly outstanding. The features that are most frequently used by our team include party management, customer visits and order management, and user attendance. I personally appreciate the attendance feature which allows supervisors to monitor when a user checks-in and checks-out from the app in real-time.

How is the support offered by Delta Sales App team?

We have not experienced any significant problems with the Delta Sales App so far. There have been some minor issues, such as those related to internet connectivity or with the app itself, but these were resolved quickly by the Delta Sales App team. We have a WhatsApp group where we are in constant communication with the Delta Sales App team, and we are regularly informed about updates. We appreciate the fast and efficient support provided by the Delta Sales App team, who are  able to assist our users through chat and call within an hour.

Anything else that you like to add?

We highly recommend the Delta Sales App for businesses that are looking for an app that their team can use on their smartphones to automate sales or track employees. We find the app to be easy to use, well-balanced and useful. Additionally, the app is designed to consume less mobile data, which makes it a good fit for businesses.


Delta Sales App could be the last thing you need to track field employee. What are you waiting for? Contact us and see the growth in your field reps’ productivity.

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