Why FMCG companies need a field sales tracking app?

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) includes a wide variety of frequently purchased products such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cosmetics, hair oil, detergents as well as other non-durables such as plastic goods, LED bulbs, paper and stationary, glassware and many more. FMCG items are referred to collectively as packaged consumer goods. Having a large network of retailers, sales representatives, and other sales operations makes it difficult to run day to day sales operations and  sales growth simultaneously. The FMCG sector has been dependent on traditional sales practices.There are substantial obstacles in the FMCG sales process. The average FMCG   company loses more than 20% of total sales opportunity and is at the highest risk of having products removed from retail due to retail execution issues. Therefore, If you are an FMCG distribution company, you must have a sales tracking app, a good one!

What is field sales tracking app?

Field sales tracking app is like a GPS tracking system for your company's salespeople. Your sales team is equipped with advanced technology that can send you field reports on how they planned their route, phone calls made, email deliveries and pitch details, giving you the ability to make decisions based on their progress.

With a sales tracking app, consulting managers can sit back and observe their team members check-in to their meeting location, log meeting notes, and activities. Advanced geofencing tools also allow managers to check misleading meetings, because the users can check-in when they have arrived at the client's meeting spot and not before (or worse: not at all).

Functions of a Sales Tracking App in the FMCG Industry:

FMCG sales apps are like remote controls that you rely on to control the functions of a certain process. As such, these sales metrics software helps business owners automate business processes in a systematic and methodical way for increasing revenue as they are able to rapidly track FMCG sales activities in real time and facilitate performing various routine activities. With the help of a sales tracking app for the FMCG sales team, one can manage the workflow of their entire company including the entire staff by automating business processes which ultimately helps to increase revenue. Now, let's take a look at how tracking sales in the field through an app could help increase FMCG sales for businesses:

  • Retailer profiling for personalized engagements
  • Route optimization for efficient market coverage
  • Gamification for improved sales behavior
  • Order maximization for increased sales
  • Track merchant activities
  • Solve problems in field via automated analytics
  • Increase offtake through intelligent visual merchandising campaigns
  • Increase sales from product promoter deployment
  • Goal driven platform for impactful sales transformation

Benefits of field sales tracking app for FMCG companies

Field sales representatives are the closest connection to retailers, distributors and the market. They play an important role in any FMCG company, mainly because that’s where they get to be in touch with the real consumers and gather valuable data that helps develop and improve their products. Mobile Apps lend assistance to your sales operations by helping you collect crucial information at all times while also improving your marketing campaigns based on data collected from what they find out.

Sales teams are expected to get real-time results and the Mobile Field Sales app delivers this same efficiency by digitizing, automating, and augmenting sales workflows so that sales reps may stay connected in real time and make the most of every transaction they have during field trips.

The benefits of using Sales field tracking apps by FMCG companies are extensive. Let's check them out:

a. Sales Automation And Digitization

In this age of technology, it’s important to keep things digital especially when it is related to the tasks that need doing. For example, in regards to your sales team - make sure they’re using a field sales app, and take care of uneventful office work so that they can be out there taking care of what really matters.

b.  Aligned Ground Execution

Sales & Marketing are among the most important aspects in any business, but it’s due to little care and attention that many fail to reach their calculated goals. A mobile sales app like Delta Sales App is more than just a platform that enables companies to track their reps by using its geolocation services; it actually assists individual teams in properly executing their strategies as well. This will help you not only manage your contacts and leads in an effective manner, but also helps you achieve your overall strategy as a company by setting bite-size targets day after day for them to achieve.

c. Aids Trade Marketing

A mobile field sales app allows brands to gather insights about outlet revenue, sales reps' performance and utilization of schemes, offers and visual merchandising campaigns.  Furthermore, a mobile field sales software enables FMCG businesses to do retail profiling, which aids both general and modern trade marketing. Furthermore, a mobile field sales software facilitates market expansion by completing pre-activation viability testing.

d. Improve Customer Relationship Management

Today, customers are no longer satisfied with just consuming. They want to contribute to a product's growth, and ensure the sales process is smooth by knowing exactly what they are getting before making a decision to purchase. Quality services for potential customers is also important, particularly in B2B or HoReCa service channels where expectations tend to be higher across all touch points.

e. Intelligent Route Planning

Sales people generally have to move around a lot to stay on top of their daily responsibilities. Trying to figure out what the best route is for making all your stops throughout the day can make it hard for them to stay efficient. A field sales app with optimized routes gives sales reps in different territories easy navigation whenever they're trying to find a way to get from here to there as fast as possible. It also helps them plan ahead so they're not doubling back and wasting time on things they've already done earlier that day.

f. Order Taking Maximization

Digitized order management systems are the ultimate solution for field sales representatives. Field sales software allows any salesperson to view customer account data in real-time, thereby streamlining and enabling quicker order completion. On top of that, a mobile field sales app increases both the size and value of customer orders by offering suggestions for promoting profitable repeats or upselling additional products or services. A mobile field sales app also enables rapid claim and return processing to ensure a smooth exchange or refund process while saving time on paperwork.

The FMCG industry is large and we all depend on it to meet our daily needs, so its sustainability is quite important.Using a Sales automation App is efficient to take any FMCG business to another level. Many large FMCG firms utilize real-time sales tracking to control every transaction and track them to retain records. By the implementation of optimal software and utilizing all resources in a proper way, you can definitely achieve the maximum results.


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