Field Sales Automation Apps increase Team Efficiency by 2X?

Field Sales Automation Apps increase Team Efficiency by 2X?

As technology evolves and new tools are released everyday, field sales automation apps tend to be the one that drives efficiency of teams. These are apps that we can try to help us to increase efficiency in our sales process. When it comes to field sales, the level of efficiency is important when you are working with a team. If you are using the right tool,you can dramatically increase those sales figures.

Field sales automation has increased sales team efficiency and has helped business owners cope with the rising costs of running their businesses and increased customer demands.It allows sales representatives to focus on closing deals rather than just fiddling with data entry.

What is SFA(Sales Force Automation)?

Sales Force Automation is a software app used by Sales teams. It gives businesses a streamlined sales process to adapt the marketing of their products, and industry.It provides the foundation for your sales and marketing efforts. SFA is designed to manage your vision and mission in the sales process. This can help you to increase the number of leads that convert into opportunities and also help your business generate more sales by improving your ability to track tasks and meeting with potential clients. With good SFA tracking, you will be able to effectively execute every stage of the sales process from marketing to lead generation, nurturing them over time until you convert them into actual customers who are willing to spend money on your product or service. It was first developed for sales and marketing businesses, but as companies have discovered more and more ways to automate their sales process with purposeful software, this software has been augmented to include other industries as well. Streak,Teamwork, Delta Sales App, GreenRope, SalesRabbit etc are some of the top Sales Force Automation software.

Must have features of SFA App

How do you make sure that your sales force automation software is on the same page with you? We recommend making a list of your ideal features before looking for such solutions. It can help you find a solution that is able to meet all your business expectations so you don’t end up wasting money on the wrong product. Some of the important features of SFA app are as follows:

  • Automated Customer and Transactions Management:

Sales is the heart and soul of any business organization. It is important not to overlook sales, which is why SFA for android makes it incredibly easy to stay in touch with all customers and build ongoing relationships. The main goal of SFA is CRM, so some key features are included within this unique app that gives you the power to manage customer account information, contact details, location and more at your fingertips. The primary goal of SFA is to build a relationship with your customers and understand their wants and needs-because that way you can make them happy.

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  • Increased Productivity

SFA offers many ways to increase your productivity, namely by providing a view into the leads that are most relevant to you and your sales team through intelligence search. It also allows you to engage customers with no delay using real time notifications which include things like CRM updates. These capabilities of Salesforce's cloud platform not only allow for increased productivity but for improved collaboration between your sales and marketing teams as well, which helps to smooth out the process of collecting customer information.

  • Automating Team in the Fields

When the sales team are on the road, they will often have meetings scheduled that keep them busy. Rather than having to chase each team member individually, their location can be checked remotely through sales force automation software which gives managers peace of mind, knowing that their team is where it should be. It also ensures that the sales teams are using their time most efficiently.

  • Automated Reporting

The tedious part of any salesperson’s job is making and providing reports to the management team. By applying an electronic CRM solution to their sales process, they can automate that reporting process—or not even think about it at all because it will be done for them automatically by the software in their CRM. The salesperson can then get on with selling, while the manager is able to focus on management and use the sales force automation software-generated data as intelligence to make smarter decisions and plan a course toward greater success for their business. This means that if sales are down in one month, or there’s no new leads, someone is alerted quickly so measures can be taken before it begins to affect revenue. And of course when things go well, high performing reps find themselves rewarded for their work and underperforming reps get help before they can become problems.

How to increase the sales using SFA?

Your sales team is very much like a fish in the water. They are designed to thrive and survive among the competition. You invest in your sales team because you expect that they’ll be the life in the business and eventually will drive some prospective leads down their potential revenue stream. But how much time are they actually spending converting those leads?

The workload for an average sales rep is so high and it's hard not to get stressed out sometimes. They have a lot of tasks that they need to focus their attention on, but it takes a lot of time away from them being able to actually sell things. Recent studies show that investing in Salesforce automation software can help cut down on the sales administrative workload by 30-40%. Unburdening your workforce from these predictable tasks allows them more time which they can spend focusing on what they do best - making sales every day.

It is also important to have the right sales force automation app to get the right data to the right people at the right time. Read more about
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