Top 30 Software for field sales team in 2023

​Sales teams are the reps who work outside of the traditional office setting. There is a close relationship between field sales representatives and the mobile workforce or sales automation software. Many field sales representatives juggle multiple charges, such as tracking down parties, communicating with customers, scheduling meetings and generally taking care of business. The beauty of sales automation software is that it will help sales reps stay on top of all their appointments, schedules, activity and communication.

The main purpose of field sales software is to keep all personnel organized, in check, and on the right path. Entry-level marketing employees and regional managers alike will greatly benefit from keeping track of what area each colleague is working in at any given time, making sure they're meeting or exceeding their daily goals.

There are 100s of sales software for the field sales team. Let's focus on the top 30 sales tracking software:

1. Delta Sales App

Starting up a business as an entrepreneur can be a daunting or even stressful undertaking, but with the right tools and technology on hand, one can make it easier. One of the most useful mobile apps for new businesses is definitely Delta Sales App, which is one of the best GPS tracking location systems and comes equipped to help you to adapt more effectively on the go, especially if you're keeping track of inventory or if you're trying to get in touch with other employees at your meetups or conventions. 

Delta Sales App

Some of these great features include real-time updates, order automation, and a lot more, which can give your team an edge over time. Delta Sales App is an app to track, boost and automate field sales. It's for companies that have both a distribution or fulfillment center and employees to manage. In essence, it's a front-end mobile solution that allows managers and owners to get crucial information on the go.

Delta Sales App

2. Sales Rabbit 

Sale Rabbit is one of the leading names in field sales software. Started back in 2012 by an enterprising group of industry experts, Sales Rabbit strives to help people save time and money on the road by offering extensive cloud-based resources for those involved in business-to-business sales or one-on-one marketing. 
SalesRabbit is used by over 5000 agents on the road to close more deals. It allows them to increase sales productivity and improve the quality of their service by providing a simple solution that combines CRM functionality, GPS tracking and video calling. The product makes it easier to coordinate team communication while enjoying the freedom of remote working.

Sales Rabbit

3. Skynamo Sales Platform

Skynamo connects enterprises and distributors to their customers. It allows them to create accurate proposals and quotations, regardless of location. Field teams can collect orders, compare prices, and make information about leads available to clients in a timely manner. The application optimizes interactions between sales managers in the office and employees working at the warehouse.

 This gives companies more opportunities to develop relationships with clients because company representatives can locate necessary information faster than with conventional systems and respond immediately to new customer requests. Plus you can now view all the actions your team is undertaking in one app so there's no need for documentation or training on each functionality - which benefits both parties!


4. GeoPointe

Geopointe is an app development company that has been creating various applications related to geolocation since 2010. Geopointe offers a range of processes including approval features and notifications that integrate with Salesforce, specifically when it comes down to geolocation in your own country or abroad.
Geopointe not only specializes in salesforce but also provides some additional services in other fields like Google Analytics and Microsoft Excel imports. It was founded by entrepreneurs who are currently based in Irvine, California but who can be found all over the United States when conducting business. Their impact is so large that their headquarters can be found around the world.

Geo Pointe

5. Repsly

Repsly Retail Execution Platform enables more effective merchandising and field sales teams by providing companies with a unified view of their retailers, making it easier to track and assign work at scale in real-time. Repsly Retail Execution software empowers national account managers and regional team leads to make the biggest possible impact in the field every day, automatically streamlining data collection for order entry, distributing work assignments efficiently and confirming execution with powerful real-time confirmation tools. 

For reps on the ground, Replys Retail Execution Platform makes scheduling simpler and more flexible; route planning easier; and data collection improved with intelligent mobile forms that boost accuracy. Business leaders also benefit from powerful insights that help answer questions about promotion, planogram execution, performance metrics and more.


6. Pitcher

A pitcher is a field sales and marketing software that drives customer engagement. Pitcher was launched in 2011, reaching 140 countries, and Fortune 500 companies across the life sciences, consumer goods, and manufacturing/transportation industries, among others. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland with offices in the US and China, Pitcher is a part of Wolters Kluwer Business. Team Pitcher; make sales reps into super sales pros.


7. Sales Q

Sales Q is the leading field sales tracking app that helps companies improve employee productivity and accountability. Our innovative suite of sales data apps enables management to keep track of their teams in real-time while also fostering a culture of collaboration between office-bound employees and their colleagues in the field. SalesQ makes it easy for companies to manage inventory, whether it’s in-stock or custom built, allowing leadership to optimize the sales process. We believe that keeping an eye on activity via GPS is key for management responsibilities and accountability. For instance, if you notice your sales rep is taking a long break from work, you can contact them via our app or email to check whether they’re okay.

Sales Q

8. Sales Force

Sales Force is Saas based company headquartered in San Francisco, California which allows for live data tracking and accurate real-time updates. It is specialized in cloud-based CRM i.e. Customer relationship management platform with thousands of prebuilt applications. SalesForce offers multiple cloud platforms which are sales cloud, marketing cloud and analytics cloud. It delivers an end-to-end suite of products for managing customer interactions at every stage of the process, as well as delivering advanced analytics, custom developments and more. More than 150k companies are using Salesforce applications including T-mobile, Carvana, Adidas etc.

Sales Force

9. Field Assist

FieldAssist is India's most trusted integrated B2B Sales platform- combining technology, analytics, distribution & supply chain. It is a highly recommended sales app which helps you to manage everything on the field. It manages a day-to-day summary of work done by each employee, tracking their prospects and customers. FieldAssist is the most trusted Sales Automation Platform adopted by 450+ Leading brands across FMCG, Apparel and CPG industries and is being used by +60,000 sales professionals daily to provide complete visibility to organizations of their secondary sales. It is an ecosystem that helps Your Field Team - with a seamless order booking experience with related information.

Field Assist

10. Zoho CRM

It is an online Sales CRM software that manages your sales, marketing and support in one CRM platform which is a cloud-based business management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesk, analytics and customer support functions. Zoho CRM helps different users respond to customers in real-time. It gives your sales team the perfect set of apps to help close more business deals in less time.

11. Feetport

FeetPort is a high-quality field force management software for organizations looking to maximize their team’s productivity with employee location tracking, task management, real-time updates for sales, verification, payment collection, audits & surveys etc. It empowers any organization to automate the working of their field force. From marking attendance to geo-location tracking, Field Force Task Management and beyond, FeetPort has got it all built-in. It is deeply integrated with Google Maps, Amazon OCR, and Microsoft Face Detection. 

12. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service company. Pipedrive is specifically designed to support sales professionals in their daily activities. It helps to manage every phase of the sales process, from lead generation to contact management. Forecasting enables sales representatives to close more deals, and visual pipelines simplify the process of pipeline management, so it's always clear what stage a lead is at and what action is required. It offers integrations and an open API so companies can plug in third-party apps or further extend their capabilities.


13. SalesDiary

SalesDiary is a Sales Management System empowering your on-field sales force to excel and unleash your business's true potential. It is a unique sales app which manages the field operations of the business. SalesDiary DMS has helped to increase order fulfillment rates by 60% and reduce payment collection delays by 45%. This app focuses on sales forecasting and smart ML recommendations based on historical data so that accordingly we can plan our inventory.

Sales Diary

14. Pobuca CX Platform

Pobuca Sales is a mobile sales and service automation, that helps sales representatives gain more experience in all the things they do. In this way, the company will have fewer operating costs than another company. Because of this feature, customers like the high quality of products produced by the company.
#15. FieldPie
FieldPie is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their mobile workforce in Field Services, Field Sales, Field Audits and Merchandising Operations. Trusted by industry-leading brands as well as innovative start-ups, FieldPie helps companies improve the efficiency of their field resources and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. Easily schedule tasks, dispatch your field team to the right tasks, design beautiful mobile forms to collect mobile data and monitor every field activity in real-time with FieldPie.


16. Insitu Sales

Insitu Sales is a cloud-based mobile order management system available on Apple and Android tablets and devices. Its online ordering allows sales reps to create invoices and take orders right at their delivery or pickup locations, making it easy for them to invoice the customer and calculate an estimated time of arrival. The app's GPS functionality also allows you to keep track of where your field sales reps are at all times, which will make it easier for you to set up appointments at home or work when they'll be able to drop by after they're done delivering their products! All sales and purchase data is automatically synced with Quickbooks in real-time, so you don't have to worry about losing any critical information that could affect your future sales estimates. 

Insitu Sales

17. Sterison Salesforce Automation

A sales force automation solution is a resource for any retail sales team. Sales outlets can easily access their product information and the daily activities of their employees from any place using mobile devices. This makes it easy for the management to track employee activity which helps them to know where and when problems are occurring. As well as, project status and progress, thus giving a complete 360-degree view of productivity. The ability to manage orders borders on convenience thanks to real-time updates as soon as an order is made; ensuring that no aspect of your business falls between the cracks.


18. Spotio

Spotio is a sales acceleration platform that helps to streamline and accelerate the sales cycle by automating routine tasks. The Spotio dashboard integrates with Salesforce, providing actionable insights based on key performance indicators (KPIs), which is directly linked to the Sales Cloud, allowing reps to see what they need at a glance, save time and manage their progress in real-time. With features such as CRM Mapping, Autoplays, Activity Tracking, Prospecting & built-in Reporting Dashboards - Spotio makes it easy for managers & executives to track performance across the board easily.


19. Veloxy

Veloxy is the only integrated sales system that multiplies and accelerates your selling activities while eliminating non-selling activities that cost you time and money. Instead of moving between different sales tools, your reps can now use one tool to do it all. Veloxy helps sales teams win more business from existing accounts by increasing their productivity, so they're able to double or even triple their earnings in six months.


20. Pepperi

Pepperi offers B2B sellers a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of their omnichannel sales including, e-Commerce and point of sale (POS) transactions, customer service, shipping and invoicing. Sellers have the power to improve productivity across all areas of their business while lowering costs. By integrating critical functions into one solution, Pepperi lets you run your entire business anywhere and anytime in a smart and strategic way.


21. Spot Hero

SpotHero is a new mobile application designed to help sales reps find and reserve parking spaces in over 300 cities across the United States and Canada. The app allows people to discover, compare, book and pay for their parking spot from their mobile devices so they no longer have to waste time driving around looking for it. SpotHero was built with one goal: becoming the best way for businesses of all sizes to provide their employees with easy, on-demand booking for parking. Sales organizations love SpotHero because it frees up time that would otherwise be wasted on communicating with multiple parking operators or driving around for a spot.

Spot Hero

22. GoSales App

GoSales App is a GPS-based location tracking sales & services app designed for people who have to track their sales reps or field service members on the move because let's face it: It can get tiring always having to rely on manual reporting. This sales app can be very useful for organizations that need a way of keeping track of all the locations visited now and in the past as well as things like travel times, compensation and leave planning, attendance management etc. for their staff when they're out doing inventory or visiting clients many miles away.

23. Geo Rep

Geo Rep is an all-in-one field sales management solution that can be applied to several real-world cases. It is suitable for multiple industries and any company that has sales, promotional, merchandising or field service teams in the field as well as a product or service being sold. We are the link between the office and the field. Geo Rep facilitates field staff with clear planning, optimized direction, organized work and insights into their performance. 

Geo Rep

24. Sales Worx

SalesWorx is a mobile sales and marketing tool that connects all your team members right on the field at the point of sale, in the warehouse or in any other location. With SalesWorx you can deliver better responsiveness, provide your staff and customers with real-time information from their smartphone or tablet device ensuring a more efficient, accurate and productive service overall.

Sales Workx

25. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an online office suite designed to help you run your business easier and efficiently. We've developed a wide range of integrated tools that take care of customer relations, sales, and management across a variety of channels and communication methods including phone calls, chat, e-mail, sms, video-conferences etc. Oh, and we don't limit the number of users per account - you can have as many people collaborating with you as you want. Grow with Bitrix24.


26. Bizom

Bizom is a platform which allows you to better manage your sales force, distributors and downstream retail execution using automation and data. The cloud-based modules offer business solutions, customized reporting and analytics capabilities along with predictive analysis such as suggested orders based on inventory and distributor needs. Bizom offers multiple modules to help businesses manage order management, claims management, attendance management, van sales automation, distributor management, image recognition-based retail merchandising and execution.



27. Inzant Sales

Inzant Sales is a cloud-based mobile sales platform that provides management features to wholesalers, enabling them to perform all kinds of sales activities right from their iPad. With it, representatives can view product details and select what they want to present at any given time and track the customer’s response in real-time. Managers can also access contacts for data cross-checking as well as adding new products/items and can even control client dispatch acceptance by setting certain rates for every region.

Inzant Sales


Imprint is a location-aware customer engagement platform that provides sales force automation to track the locations and progress of sales teams. It uses geofencing combined with GPS tracking to ensure your team’s activity is being recorded as it happens. This allows for accurate data regarding the attendance of sales executives, the number of hours spent at customer locations, their average visit duration and anything else you can think to track over the course of one or several days.

29. SalezShark

SalezShark is a cloud-based marketing automation platform, with sales force automation features which help in lead management and batching through intelligent social media prospect data collection. This has the potential to improve professional relationships and increase contract conversion rates. The products “Relationship Cloud” technology enables the delivery of tailored services to customers whilst helping organizations to achieve their goals at scalable levels in significantly less time.


30. Selly ERP

Selly ERP is the next big thing in Italy when it comes to Software for Sales and Customer Relation Management. Within its robust solution, you find everything needed for managing all kinds of sales activities: from summary reports to data summaries and acquisition management, from graphs and dashboards to automation of different sales processes. In fact, each and every single function has been built with some modern technology that sets Selly ERP apart from many other solutions out there.

Selly ERP

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